Caught In The Weeds

Lately, I have spent a lot of time dreaming and less time wandering. I recently had an emergency surgery that has made me slow down for a moment to take time to heal. This is not something I am very good at doing as I normally always have my next trip planned. However, I am learning to be patient, mindful and grateful. Besides the physical recovery this has required, it has surprisingly brought about a lot of emotions I never would have expected. I have had a lot of dreams on the back burner for awhile that I have not pursued and keep putting off – for example – quitting my job and traveling full time, writing a children’s book, and creating communities around health and adventure. Every time I get close to starting down one of these paths, I become paralyzed with fear. Fear of financial instability, fear of the unknown, and probably the fear of perhaps doing something I love. Regardless, my recent health hiccup has reminded me how important it is to not wait for the perfect time. Take risks and live a little. This is a new chapter and the adventure is coming.

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